0 – God Indwells Your Mind

0 – God Indwells Your Mind

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Are YOU Connected?

  • Is it possible the majority of the hue-man children of God don’t ever have a clue during the whole of their extremely short spans of life?

Within every hue-man being of moral capacity, and with the making of the first moral decision in life, the First Source and Center, the Universe Father of ALL beings and things, sends his divine spirit to indwell the moral hue-man mind.

The Paradise Father’s divine spirit is known universally as the Thought Adjuster. On Earth, we have in many different religious writings referred to this divine spirit as “the pilot light,” and “the still small voice within,” and even “the light which shines upon the path we choose to walk in life.”

This site explores this concept from every imaginable and often unimaginable viewpoint of perception. Join with me on a journey of deep exploration.

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