5 – Make a Clear Distinction Between What You BeLIEve and What You Know

5 – Make a Clear Distinction Between What You BeLIEve and What You Know

Make a Clear Distinction

Between What You BeLIEve and What You Know

0 - make a clear distinction

to Be the Truth…

27:5.4 …The wisdom of truth takes origin in the divinity of the central universe, but knowledge, experiential knowledge, largely has its beginnings in the domains of time and space…

AMPC: 1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim (blurred) reflection [of reality as in a riddle or enigma], but then [when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part (imperfectly), but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood [by God].

5 - make a clear distinctionEvery hue-man child of God born into the “bio-suit,” since the birth of Andon and Fonta, the first two (brother and sister) God-knowing individuals were born, not one of us, including myself, see beyond the glass, darkly–through the beLIEf filters programmed into the natural mind.

The “system of beLIEfs” IS the set of filters which create the virtual reality, through which we try to interpret cosmic realities, which exist beyond the hue-manimal level of perception.

No matter how evolved the language you use becomes…it is at best a… facsimile…of the real.

It may very well be true that the majority of God’s children on Urantia (Earth) never make a clear distinction between what they beLIEve and what they know (experience) to be the truth.

Are YOU able to make the clear distinction between what YOU beLIEve and what YOU know (have experienced) to be the truth?

One path–the path of beLIEf–leads to…devolution–more than less to a continual disconnect from God’s indwelling divine spirit. The other path leads to…”faith“…which leads to “knowing“…which leads to being “increasingly led by Father’s indwelling divine spirit,” which leads to “increasing liberation” from the hue-manimal “bio-suit.”

Meditate deeply upon the meaning of the following passage:

110:6.6 Every decision you make either impedes or facilitates the function of the Adjuster; likewise do these very decisions determine your advancement in the circles of human achievement.

(If you are visiting my blog for the first time, you may not be familiar with the term “Adjuster.” Thought Adjuster is the universal name given to the divine spirit of God which indwells your mind–the “pilot light,” the “still small voice within,” the “nuclear center of light and life,” “God’s divine love within you,” “the divine spirit which is ever saying…”this is the way.” The Thought Adjuster Papers in The Urantia Book begin here.)

0 - make a clear distinction

It is the “Rare” Individual who Makes a Clear Distinction between What He and She BeLIEves and What is Experienced to Be the Truth

TimothyRayWallsOnly, now, after 7 decades of experience in the mortal bio-suit may I state that I make a clear distinction between what I beLIEve and what I know to be the truth.

  • Can you say the same?

Perhaps the great masses of the mortal children of God never make this distinction, because they never see a reason to do so; maybe, it just never occurs to the majority of us how important this distinction really is.

In the previous article, What If the Question Leads to Greater Reality, I asked you, the reader, to play a game of “what if…?” In my very first article, Questions Are the Keys to Open the Doors to Cosmic Reality, I asked you to ponder the importance of “allowing” yourself to ask question after question.

3 - make a clear distinction

Thoughts are Not Only “Things,” They are “Decisions”

Now, I ask you to ponder the significance and meaning of another what if question:

  • What if…every thought which formulates in the body-brain-to-mind-consciousness connection IS a…decision…?
  • Do you just “spontaneously think?”
  • Do you think that “thoughts just happen?”
  • Who is doing the thinking?
  • Is someone else thinking your thoughts for you?
  • Are you the one that is doing the thinking?
  • Does someone else decide what you think?

In my view, we each make a choice regarding every thought-emotion which enters the mirror of mind. 

And each and every thought-emotion we project onto this mirror of mind is the reflection of the self that we see (the subjective self).

Every thought is a decision, whether recognized as such or not, because we are endowed by our Creator with free will choice.

And even if you are a robotic hue-man, you are still choosing to think and act out a script which you continue to allow to determine your thought-emotions and behavior. Were the robotic hue-man willing to stop being lazy of mind and actually work at developing higher vibrational thought-patterns, old programming would begin to disappear. Of this I do not speak as theory, but from personal experience. 

4 - make a clear distinction

How Do You Make a Clear Distinction between what You BeLIEve and what You Know?

Jesus’ Spiritual Drawing Power

There was intellectual attractiveness and spiritual drawing power in his authoritative manner of teaching, in his lucid logic, his strength of reasoning, his sagacious insight, his alertness of mind, his matchless poise, and his sublime tolerance.

The Urantia Book, (141:3.4)

Perhaps the majority of us experience at one time or another that some ideas and ideals have more intellectual drawing power than others. This is not to say that the majority are able to explain it to themselves this clearly.

  • But what about the experience itself (not just the appeal of an intellectual ideal) of “spiritual drawing power?”

In the above passage, we may clearly apprehend that the spiritual drawing power (the mysteriously magnetic appeal) of Jesus of Nazareth (Joshua Ben Joseph) was indissolubly linked to his development and full attainment to…

  1. an authoritative manner of teaching,
  2. his lucid logic,
  3. his strength of reasoning,
  4. his sagacious insight,
  5. his alertness of mind,
  6. his matchless poise, and
  7. his sublime tolerance.
  • If each of these virtues of true character could be measured…how would you stand in comparison?
  • How would I measure up?
  • Weak in each of these virtues?
  • Strong in each of these virtues?
  • Weak in some…strong in others?
  • Weak in all but one or two?
  • Strong in all but one or two?
  • Are these virtues desirable to seek to develop and fully attain, as were present and manifested in the life of Jesus?

For me, the answer is ever and always a resounding “YES!

2 - make a clear distinction

As long as you are vibrating at the level of beLIEfs–trapped in and enslaved to a “system of beLIEfs,” your programmed, virtual “matrix” of inner illusions–self-delusions, you will find it next to impossible to make a clear distinction between what you beLIEve and what you directly experience to be the truth-meaning-reality of your mortal experience in the hue-manimal “bio-suit.”

BeLIEf ever and always fixates–concretizes–builds an intellectual thought-emotion prison–a cave to which the mind is “chained” and constrained to see only the shadows projected onto an illuminated screen in front of you, wherein the shadows move and become the virtual reality you beLIEve to be reality.

The Clear Distinction…

  • How do you ever-momentarily make the clear distinction between what you beLIEve and what you know to be the truth?

132:3.2 Truth cannot be defined with words, only by living. Truth is always more than knowledge. Knowledge pertains to things observed, but truth transcends such purely material levels in that it consorts with wisdom and embraces such imponderables as human experience, even spiritual and living realities. Knowledge originates in science; wisdom, in true philosophy; truth, in the religious experience of spiritual living. Knowledge deals with facts; wisdom, with relationships; truth, with reality values.

In Summation…

  • To know truth…you must “live the truth.” 
  • Truth transcends material reality.
  • Truth is experienced.
  • Truth is the “true religion” of inner spiritual experience–spiritual living.
  • Truth is “reality values,” the building up of the “true character” maturity and evolving perfection of the morontial soul.
  • The truth is that we are ALL children of the First Source and Center of ALL Truth, Beauty and Goodness, which is the outward manifestation of the Absolute True Character of our Paradise Father’s Absolute Personality.
  • Therefore, are we ALL brothers and sisters in the spiritual fraternalhood of God-knowing sons and daughters of our Paradise Father.
  • This fraternalhood of the sons and daughters of God does not require intellectual uniformity, only spiritual unity.
  • Spiritual unity goes beyond fraternalhood; it compels that we love one another, even as our Paradise Father loves us–as a father and mother naturally love their children.
  • Such a fatherly love is the love that Jesus of Nazareth–Joshua Ben Joseph, Michael of Nebadon demonstrated in the life he lived on Urantia–a love so selfless he laid down his life for his “friends.”

5 - make a clear distinction

1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you know that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

The more real the divine spirit indwelling you is to you…the more real you are becoming in the Universe.

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